Event- In- and Outdoor


RFS offers job orientend vocational in- and outdoor fire protection & education.

RFS sets new norms in educational fire protection. The participants will be professionally introduced to the "Incipients of fire outbreaks" and its related results. RFS applies and counts on a close "Active interaction" between the instructors and the participants. Artificial light, sound and ascending nebula effects generate interesting, praxis oriented fire scenarios, tuned and adjusted to the specific needs of your company. 

In combination with our gas driven fire fighting modules, this presentation is a highlight for every participant.

Practical and reality oriented education to learn reflecting the deportment in case of fire incidents, evacuations, car accidents, environmental disasters etc.

We arrange and put up educational seminars for:

  • nursery schools, secondary schools
  • Teaching University Hospitals (TUH), hospitals etc.
  • Hotels, canteen kitchens, large scale catering etc.
  • pharmaceutical / checmical industries, refineries etc.
  • metal producing and processing companies 
  • fire brigades / police / public social aid / military

and many many more...

Tunnels, underground parkings, storages, warehouses and all other sorts of rooms will be furnished with fume (floor and/or ceiling) from specific highend generators. The artificial generated fire scenes present a realistic fire outbreak especially within the hazes of fume created and due to the applied audio sequences of sounds. Applying additional stroboscope and laser effects will intensify the stress level dramatically.